25 mar, Espoo, Finland

Additive manufacturing in nuclear applications

Additive manufacturing can bring new opportunities for nuclear, with the ability to print spare parts on demand and manufacture complex geometries in one piece. However, there are also many challenges, for example when it comes to licensing and manufacturing wear resistant materials that will fit the demands of the nuclear industry. At this seminar, we will highlight opportunities and discuss challenges.

Due to technological development and increased productivity, costs related to metal additive manufacturing have reduced, and various new industrial sectors are currently in process to study and adopt additive manufacturing in their manufacturing portfolio.

In nuclear energy sector, there are two clear drivers to do this: capability to manufacture very complex geometrics; and possibility to manufacture spare parts on demand. Operational lifetime of NPP is long, and availability and long lead times of obsolete spare parts can be an issue. In the extreme, this causes prolonged and costly downtimes for NPP´s. Therefore, additive manufacturing offers also an attractive alternative for spare part manufacturing. This seminar focuses on using metal additive manufacturing in nuclear energy sector and highlights the capabilities and current challenges in nuclear applications.

The aim of the seminar is to bring together employees working with maintenance, material research and plant development in the nuclear sector.

The seminar program is under development. New speakers will be announced on this web. Project leader for developing the seminar program is Pasi Puukko at VTT. The current confirmed speakers are:

  • Ulrik Beste, Chief Technical officer, VBN Components
  • Hans Södervall, Business Development Manager, Europe Quintus Technologies AB
  • Erin Komi, Additive Manufacturing and Optimization Specialist, Etteplan
  • Alejandro Revuelta, Additive Manufacturing expert, VTT
  • Dino Nerweiy, Material expert, TVO
  • Steve Nardone, Lab Manager Metal Additive Manufacturing, Engie Laborelec



Price and registration

The seminar is open for professionals in the energy sector. Early bird registration fee is 500 SEK and applies until March 6. After March 7 the registration fee is 1000 SEK.

Link to signup.

Contact person for the seminar is Monika Adsten.