24 sep, Ringhals NPP

Grid Interference on nuclear power plant operations

Ringhals nuclear power plant.

The Grid Interference on Nuclear power plant Operations R&D program, GINO, aims at gaining better understanding and possibility to pro-actively minimize interference on nuclear power plant (NPP) operation due to issues in the external grid. Program benefits include revised safety and assessed safety margins, avoidance of extended outages and maintenance periods, fewer unplanned shut-downs, and lower cost of device replacement.

On August 24 a mini seminar is arranged with the following presentations:

Protection interaction for NPP and external Power System
Faults and other incidents in the transmission system and in the nuclear power plants interact with the function of the fault clearance systems. Lars Messing from DNV GL will elaborate on how fault clearance system shall be designed to have high dependability and probability of disconnecting when needed, at the same time as the probability of unwanted disconnection is low.

Interarea oscillations and some late observations including nuclear power plants
In the Nordic power system several Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) are installed which monitor inter-area and local oscillations. Robert Eriksson from Svenska kraftnät will go through observations and key findings from recent events of natural and forced oscillations. The real-time tool, assessment criteria and ongoing actions to improve awareness of oscillations will also be presented.


Most welcome to attend the seminar!


/The GINO steering group through Monika Adsten