25 - 26 mar, Stockholm

The Annual KME-HTC Research Conference 2020

This year the joint event for the two research programmes KME and HTC will be held in Stockholm and the conference will cover research on materials technology, high temperature corrosion, fatigue and mechanical properties, refractories, as well as other issues related to materials at high temperatures.

The applications include steam boilers, gas turbines and new energy technologies, e.g. fuel cells, concentrated solar power and gasification of biomass. In addition to the oral presentations, there will be a poster session as well as invited key note speakers. There is also a visit to Stockholm Exergy's newly installed BECCS facility in Värtan included in the conference programme. 

The aim of the conference is to present the latest research results in the field and to bring together employees from our member companies as well as researchers from universities and institutes taking part in the HTC and the KME programmes. The conference is free of charge for these groups of participants. 

The conference programme will be presented soon! 

Price and registration


The conference is free of charge for employees at member companies and researchers in the HTC and the KME programmes.

External participants are welcome to participate for a fee. Please contact Bertil Wahlund


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