About the project

Developing functional based acceptance criteria

A joint Nordic project on Condition Monitoring, thermal and Radiation Degradation of polymers inside NPP containments (COMRADE) has been developed, following an initiative from the Nordic NPPs through Energiforsk. The project development has been made by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland.

A pre-study identified that there are gaps in knowledge for setting functional based acceptance criteria for polymeric materials at the nuclear power plants. Furthermore a need in gaining a better understanding on how a polymeric component reacts to different levels of low dose radia-tion and synergistic effects between thermo-oxidative and irradiation degradation was identified. The plan is to divide the work into different steps, all with the aim of providing the power plant operators as well as regulators and polymer manufactures with a deeper knowledge of the degradation of polymers and to develop methods for setting acceptance criteria of polymeric materials. This is done through three work packages:

  • WP 1 focusing on method development of condition monitoring and implementation at NPPs
  • WP 2 is a pre study to map how the closed down plant Barsebäck can be used to verify the method developed in WP1
  • WP3 focusing on polymer ageing mechanism and effects inside the NPP containment

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