Tests show promising results for salmon smolt passages

Installing low-sloping racks upstream of hydroelectric power plants is suggested to have high potential for diverting salmon smolt to safer passages. Recent study presents promising results in reducing risk of injury and mortality.

20 feb 2020

Increasing our Capacity for Biofuel Production

Energiforsk recently published a report from a project were syngas converted into bioethanol through bacterial fermentation was explored and major advancement was achieved.

27 jan 2020

Nuclear Conference Exploring Sustainability

Last week, the Annual Nuclear Conference was held in Stockholm were speakers and experts from an international arena gathered to discuss the potential for nuclear power in a sustainable energy system.

24 jan 2020

Dissertation in Fluid Mechanics

Arash Soltani Dehkarqani, PhD candidate at the Swedish Hydro Power Center, has done his investigation by working with a full scaleKaplan Turbine as well as the corresponding model turbine.

16 jan 2020

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