Supplying roads with electricity

At Energiforsk we are currently working on exploring avenues to secure power supply for different forms of electric roads. Areas of interest include necessary requirements to meet demand and possibilities for a grid connection with sufficient capacity.

7 jan 2020

New technology on the way for nucelar power

An important aspect of the future of nuclear power centres around the development of small modular reactors. The technological details are at present well on their way and now challenges revolve around political decisions for standardised regulation.

6 dec 2019

Great interest in Swedish research

CIGRE, the International Council on Large Electric Systems, focusing on research and development on high-voltage electrical energy, has granted all Swedish synopses to the congress in Paris in August.

27 nov 2019

Knowledge transfer on stator vibrations in nuclear power plants

The most recent report from Energiforsk’s programme Vibrations in Nuclear Power, put together by senior consultants Kent Engvall and Gabor Csaba, is an accumulation of knowledge made possible by years of experience and direct involvement.

11 nov 2019

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