23 - 24 jan, Stockholm

Flexible nuclear power and ancillary services

Nuclear power plants Olkiluoto 1-3 and TVO windmill.

The Energiforsk Annual Nuclear Conference 2019 has the theme flexible nuclear power and ancillary services. The Nordic energy system is facing a "new normal", with a large share of intermittent electicity generation that provides only limited system services. How will this affect the nuclear power plants and how can nuclear power adjust to this situation?

Program overview

January 23, 18.00-22.00: Conference dinner with an invited speaker, held in downtown Stockholm.

January 24, 9.00-17.00: Seminar held at Vattenfall headquarters in Solna.

Save the date, more information will be published in September/October.

Price and registration


Full conference fee including dinner presentation, dinner, seminar and lunch is 1 450 SEK + VAT.

Day 1 only including dinner presentation and dinner is 950 SEK + VAT.

Day 2 only including seminar and lunch is 500 SEK + VAT. 


Registration will open during fall 2019. For information contact monika.adsten@energiforsk.se.


Monika Adsten, Energiforsk